Barnescode Technologies

Powerful business, database, and administration software solutions
personalized to your system and your needs

About Barnescode

We are dedicated to helping small businesses keep up with the rapidly changing tech world. We personalize and engineer systems based on the needs of your small business.

From website development and database management to mobile app engineering and analytics, we will help your business grow, scale, and stay ahead of the competition.


Satisfied Clients
We've helped a variety of partners grow in industries ranging from local gyms and supplement companies to landscaping and private schools.


Years of experience
Our team has over a decade in Software Engineering, Web & Application Development, and Database Management experience.


We maintain every site and project for our partners so they can concentrate on their product and their business.

Affordable Solutions
We work with small businesses to provide the best solutions at a price they can afford.


Web Development

We design and build responsive websites. Growing your business online is essential in today's tech world. A user-friendly site makes all the difference.


Data Analysis helps improve Conversion Rate and determine what marketing campaigns work and which ones don't. We specialize in Google Analytics and provide our own powerful analytic software.

Database Management

Managing your own data gives you a tremendous amount of freedom. We can normalize and maintain your data giving you true control of your site.

Application Development

Whatever your business needs are, we can engineer the right application for you on any platform. Whether it's building reports, mobile development, or desktop solutions, we will personlize the software you need.

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